Hank Pics

I truly believe Hank had many demons that were never fully explored
 on the show.  All that anger had to come from somewhere. 

One of my favorite scenes, from the episode 
Most Fatal Disease

The definition of a siren call: "The enticing appeal of 
something alluring but potentially dangerous." 

Yep. That about sums it up. Must also explain why
 I hate smoking in RL, but when HE does it, well...

HOT.  Need I say more?

Beautiful smile.

It's ridiculous how much I fangirl over this picture.  
Look at those eyes!  SWOON.

Hank hiding from Nana. Love this scene! So funny when
he flings that cheroot away.  :-)

This picture embodies all that is Hank...sexy and fun-loving, with
just a hint of wicked. ;-) 

Love this up close shot of Hank.  Looks like he just
got some bad news, though.  :-( 

"Dorothy, you got some sorta...PERSONAL connection
with them Injuns, don't ya? Maybe you can find me a
good deal on some MOCCASINS..."

So yeah. The way he says moccasins makes me want to
both slap him and jump his bones. Just sayin'.

I can hear that unique laugh in my head. :-)

My God, I love this picture.  Is it the sexy bedhead hair,
or the hands up in surrender?  Hmm....

"That long haired feller with the beard is quite a looker, isn't he?" - Sam Lindsay.
Yes, Ms. Lindsay, I couldn't agree more.  :)

Again with the smile.  

When he raises that eyebrow...I'm a goner.

Be still my heart.  


Love that wild, disheveled hair.

Loren- "Maybe a man needs a wife."  Hank- "What for?"
Oh, you just wait, Hank. Your day is coming. :-)

"I know you, Hans...in here.  It's all matters to me..."- Nana

This is definitely Hank's "How YOU doin'?" face. 

Go ahead, Hank.  Whisper all your conniving schemes and
wicked ideas in MY ear, please.  I'll gladly listen.   

Love the way he holds that gun belt.

Is it just me, or did Hank get sexier the older he got? ;-)

No words.

Brooding Hank.  Love this picture, but it also makes me sad.  The
flask in his hand reminds me of his need to self-medicate.  :-(

Angry Hank.

That dazzling smile. 

Look at that wicked eyebrow!  Definitely lookin' like a devil here.

OMG...the eyes, the EYES!  

"Ever seen a, uh...naked lady?"


"You know everythin' I do, then."

Good God.  Did I mention this man is beautiful?

Hair to make any woman jealous!

Love this picture.  LOVE.

What I wouldn't give to have one of these
in my possession.

Keep Calm and love Hank

This isn't Hank, but I just had to add it, because nobody
 does bad like William Shockley.

My autographed pictures of William:


  1. How could no one comment on this????

    Hank beats Sully any day!

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmm...I could eat this man!!

  3. OMG I never realized how beautiful and sexy this man is!=)

  4. Great webside!The first photos and the last pic are so amazing.

  5. Beautiful, sexy, amazing...yes, ladies, Hank is all of that and more. ;-D

  6. omg im having impure thoughts right now- do me hard!

  7. Hank is definitely my favorite character! His hair, eyes, chest, everything, gorgeous! I always wanted him to give up his "ladies" and get a wife (I would gladly fill that role!) He hides his heart with women, whiskey and coldness to others but he's a sweetheart deep down. People just never gave him the chance to change.

    1. I COMPLETLY agree! Thanks for stopping by. :-)

  8. Wow!I see more and more beautiful pictures here:-O..Now,I won´t sleep because of that eyes!!!Hank was in Dr.Quinn the most sexy of all men :-*
    And Sully was nothing,when I compare him with Hank :-D

  9. Those pictures were unbelievable..sexy beautiful man!!! Anne Tanzi Clesas

    1. Yes, he is quite attractive, isn't he... :-)

  10. I just noticed Hank in Dqmw and I concur, he beats Sully hands down... gorgeous hair, sexy height, lovely eyes, intriguing smile.... WHy didnt they cast him as THE Sully? Imagine...


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