Hank Videos

This is not a video, but an audio clip of an interview William did
at the end of season 5.  REALLY worth your time to listen, ladies. ;-)

Click where it says "figured someone who owned a saloon would be soused most of the time." 

This is a hilarious short clip from an Entertainment Tonight
interview with William Shockley and Joe Lando.  A friend shared
it with me and I just had to share with all of you.  SO cute!

Fan Video for Hank

Love this song for Hank!  I'm definitely addicted.  :)

"Fathers and Sons"

MUST WATCH!  Hank shirtless starts at 06:47

 "Most Fatal Disease"

I LOVE the way Hank looks in this episode.  The hat, the dark coat,
the HAIR, the EYES, sigh.  :)  Start at 02:06 and keep watching until
you see the close up shot of him looking over his shoulder.  Be still my heart!


  1. have you got a clip from the episode where Dr. Mike is repairing Lauren's hernia with surgery? It's her first surgery in town and the townsfolk are betting on whether Lauren will survive, Horace is peeking thru the window to the clinic giving updates to the folk when he mentions that Dr. Mike is using a spoon, to which Hank says "Is she going to scoop his guts out?" Have you got that part?

  2. HI Danelle! I don't have it here, these are just my favorite episodes featuring Hank. But if you do a search on YouTube under the user SkyDancer1971, she has all of the series online. Do a search for Dr. Quinn The Healing and you should find the video you're looking for. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

  3. I love the videos...Thank you...Yes Hank looks mighty fine in them. :))


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