Saturday, July 27, 2013

Attention Hank's Hussies! William has agreed to do an interview for the blog

Photo by Fotos by Tiiu used with permission 

Attention all the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Hank fans out there! William Shockley has graciously agreed to do an interview for my blog, so if you have a question for him, please send it my way! 

You can email me here through the email listed on my blog, DM me on Twitter, or PM me on  

I’m going to wait a couple weeks to turn in the questions to him, to give everyone ample time to decide what they might want to ask and get their questions back to me, so get your thinking caps on, Hussies! 


Jennifer aka Mrs. Lawson/ HankLover

ETA: The deadline to get your questions back to me is Saturday, Aug. 10th.  Thanks! 


  1. What a fantastic opportunity for you; congrats! I'd love to hear him talk about his journey creatively. For instance, He must get word of a great project that becomes so edited from beginning to end that it looks totally different as a finished product than it had been at the beginning. Now that he has been a part of several great projects in Hollywood, what has he learned about the process itself?

    1. Thanks, Carrie!

      And hey, the only reason I didn't reply to any of your questions on about my story was because you were signed in as a guest, and there was no way to contact you. :-) Anyway, thanks for giving Love's Gamble a chance!


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